Why Geothermal?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized geothermal heating and cooling systems as having the lowest life-cycle cost of all heating and cooling systems on the market today. That means lower maintenance costs and longer life expectancy over more traditional systems. But, the benefits don't stop there…

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Safety: Geothermal offers one of the safest systems available because the system does not rely on fossil fuels to heat or cool your home. The unit runs on a small amount of electricity, meaning no uncontrolled combustion, hazardous fumes, or the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Lower utility bills: An efficiency rating of 400-500 percent means you're getting the best value for your money. An efficiency rating is the ratio of heat actually generated versus the amount of energy used to produce heat. A rating less than 100 percent means you are losing heat, and even the most efficient furnaces are always under 100 percent.

Environmentally Friendly: By using a modest amount of electricity and not burning fossil fuels, we can significantly reduce our impact on the environment. Versus a traditional system, a standard 3-ton residential geothermal system produces approximately one less pound of carbon dioxide for every hour of use. Over 20 years, that's like planting 120,000 acres of trees or taking 58,000 cars off the road!

Quiet Comfort: Forget about hot and cold spots or noisy air conditioners. Not only are geothermal systems extremely quiet, but also your indoor air temperatures remain at consistent levels. Our systems also demonstrate increased air purification and dehumidification versus conventional systems.

Bonus Hot Water: Offering more than comfortable living, geothermal systems even have the capability of capturing reclaimed heat during heating and cooling modes to heat domestic water. This application can reduce the water heating cost of a four-person household by as much as 50-60 percent!

Longer Life Cycle: Geothermal systems typically last for 20-24 years, and your loop field lasts even longer with a life expectancy of 50+ years. Your traditional system averages just 13-15 years.

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